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May-24-17 in home caregiver AT family
Posted By: code 5312
care of 4 children in employers home. Bathe dress feed, diaper and supervise children. Accompany them to activities and school ( as needed). Overse...
cote st luc
May-15-17 in home caregiver RO family
Posted By: code 5311
Care of 3 children in employer's home. Bathe diaper dress and feed children. Oversee nap and bedtimes as necessary. Prepare meals and baby ...
cote st luc
May-10-17 In home caregiiver LV family
Posted By: code 5299
Care for 2 children in employer's home. Assist with diapering bathing dressing children, prepare food, oversee meals. Plan and supervise al...
May-05-17 in home caregiver LD family
Posted By: code 5310
care of young children in employer's home. Bathe dress and feed children, plan and supervise play activities, may require accompanying children...
Apr-24-17 in home caregiver- special needs child-
Posted By: JA code 5296
Care of 2 children in employers home. One child has special needs ( Autistic) and required constant supervision. Bathe dress feed and...
Apr-18-17 child caregiver 4 children
Posted By: LC family code 5308
Care for 4 children and in employer's home in Hampstead. Assist with bathing and dressing children, prepare food, snacks, and oversee meals. ...
Apr-18-17 care for adult with injury
Posted By: VF family code 5307
Care of adult woman with back injury who has a baby at home. Employer is unable to lift or bend and has mobility issues, and needs care and assista...
old montreal- downtown
Apr-18-17 3 children caregiver
Posted By: DS family code 1498
Employer requires caregiver for two children and baby at home. Employers are working and require flexible work schedule which can include...
cote st luc
Apr-18-17 in home caregiver code 1499
Posted By: ES family
Caregivier required for elderly couple in their home in Montreal. Assist them with all aspects of care including bathing and dressing as well a...
Apr-18-17 in home care giver code 5306
Posted By: LM 5306
Care of adult woman in her home following accident - she is confined to a wheelchair. Assist her with hygiene,mobility, meal preparation, accom...
Mar-12-17 in home caregiver childcare
Posted By: LB family
Care of two very young children in employer's home. Bathe dress feed diaper and supervise baby and toddler. Prepare bottles and food for th...